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Corporate Responsibility

As the company continues to reflect on issues of social responsibility, which we understand as an integral part of our strategy. In addition, we believe that the concept of social responsibility is not difficult. It’s about the rules and perceive the broader context of responsibility to our customers, employees, ecology and the environment and to their “neighborhood”. As a company abandons its business values ​​and behave exactly as you expect them to behave other.

„Everyone can make a difference for the better … For the full every“

As part of its CSR activities ADREMOT Technologies:

  • Actively supports the creation of new business ventures in recognition of “ADREMEDICA START UP AWARD”, which is annually awarded to the best business plan in the framework of the training course “Basics of Business”
  • Actively supports the national project “JOBFEST® – job fairs” – an exclusive, highly efficient opportunity of direct contact between HR and job seekers
  • Actively supports youth sports – University Karate Club, VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava, one of the oldest karate sport club in Czech republic.
  • Actively supports non-profit organization called myFUN, specializing in particular sports and leisure activities for children, with more focus on improving the technical knowledge and skills.