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Magnets and Magnetic Systems

Divisions of magnets, magnetic systems, sensors and toroidal transformers focuses mainly on high-tech products. In the field of permanent magnets we offer as an one of the few manufacturers in central Europe for example radially magnetized NdFeB magnets, with those with the following main features:

  • The cylindrical shape allows greater precision in outside diameter
  • as the rotor can achieve a uniform distribution of magnetic flux density
  • Holding the magnet is simple, allowing cost reduction machine
  • High reliability based on the construction of the rotor only one magnet
  • Optional direction of magnetization
  • possible to achieve multi-pole orientation

Outside the production of high-tech products in the field of NdFeB magnets, we are also specialists still not too appreciated SmCo magnets, precisely in terms of their performance.

Sintered SmCo magnets are produced in two variants:

  • SmCo5 (1: 5)
  • SM2Co17 (2:17)

Important characteristics SmCo utility compared to e.g. NDFEB are:

  • Working temperature reaches up to 250 0C, theoretically up to 350 0C
  • High corrosion resistance and aggressive environment without coating
  • Low temperature coefficient (SmCo: -0.03% / ℃, NdFeB: -0.11% / ℃)
    SmCo lower HCJ (SM-22T)

638 P22-23-1